Our Vision: Making Disciples
The Importance of Discipleship And Growth
We are a New Church! We began as a Bible Study in November 2011, meeting in Camp Pine Rock in South Prescott.  Presently we are meeting on Sunday Mornings in the Prescott Adult Community Center, supported by the SBCís North American Mission Board, the Yavapai Baptist Association, local churches and individuals. Our mission is to build up and establish a Strong Local Church on the south side of Prescott to Challenge, Penetrate, Influence and Impact people with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to train up Disciples for Christ.
We are a Discipleship Driven Church!  Growing in Christ is the key to growing a church. This is all about being a good and effective witness of who Christ is and what He has called the church to be and do. Following up, teaching, and mentoring new as well as seasoned Christians are the keys to spiritual growth and the replication of the witness. When a church forsakes discipleship, its people will not grow and thus will not reach out. Many will give up on Christianity while others become confused, calloused, or complacent. Alternatively, they will be swept away by false doctrines and cults because they do not know the difference. When we forsake discipleship, we end up just living for and unto ourselves. We miss out on opportunities, learning experiences, growth, and will exchange an eternity of rewards for a limited time of fun. This will turn into anger and bitterness later on in our lives. Jesusí direct command to believers is to be discipled and then to make disciples.  This is our purpose until He comes! (Matthew 28:18-20)
(928) 713-7609

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 12198
Prescott, Arizona 86304-2198

We Meet At:
1280 East Rosser Street
Prescott, AZ 86303
Sunday Mornings
@ 9:15 am
At The
Rowle P. Simmons
Community Center
(1280 East Rosser Street)
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